Monday, 10 March 2014

So many have walked in pain from our experiences is the intro to Dancing With Destiny ...

Dancefloor of Life ... That pain ... The memories and the words that continue to play in your head that cause emotions of fear, shame, anger, confusion... That pain... That causes you to stumble on the dancefloor, to hesitate, to spin, and sometimes fall ... That pain... And you get up and you begin dancing again but you feel like you never get the steps "right" and you feel out of sync with the music that is playing. The songs you've been dancing to have played over and over in a thousand different ways. And you let out a sigh and you sit on the sidelines and you watch others on the dancefloor. And BAM!!! A HUGE A-HAH moment bursts through. Your dance partner has been .... That ...pain !!! What if you changed dance partners? What if you danced with ...Confidence? Happiness? Love? What if you intended to make it the most beautifully orchestrated dance you could dream of? What if you began to breathe life into your dreams and made them come alive? What if you began to dance with your dreams? The spotlight is on YOU ... This is YOUR life and this is YOUR dance... YOUR DESTINY... You choose the create the steps... WELCOME TO ... DANCING WITH DESTINY
Diana O'Hara

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